Like every writer, I aim to embrace the unattainable essence of the universe and cram it onto the page in a bastardized form that is hopefully entertaining to a reader. After years of hoarding information, I’ve gathered enough material to create the epitome of a narrative collage. In this way, this experiment falls somewhere between fiction and nonfiction. This blog will be where I not only post excerpts, but research that inspires my writing.

Ultimately, I aim to collect a series of stories that develop into a spiritual psychological political dystopian pop culture fusion novel about life, death, man, immortal, past, present, future, fantasy, the dubious nature of reality, & the science that both defies and explains the infinite possibilities that determine the course of our history.

It will be assembled like a surveillance archive compiled to train up and coming psychopomps in the cyclical and esoteric nature of reality and humanity. While different belief systems are best explained in terms of a patched quilt, collectively our strings are unraveling and we’re bursting at the seams from an endless game of tug of war. Too busy arguing over whose pattern is best, we forget we’re cut from the same fabric.

Certain elements I choose because most people are exceptionally skeptical about them. But if a given belief, no matter how absurd, defines someone’s existence, it’s interesting enough to consider. After all, the status of the world at a given time is best described in terms of its conspiracies and its whispers. And where the unknown is concerned, it’s only logical to consider the highly unlikely when Occam’s razor fails to cut to the chase. Although society is relatively relativistic, the individual is the singularity that embodies truth.

Literature is very unique among the arts. It is collaborative yet solitary. It is universal yet singular. It is mine and yours and yet belongs to neither of us. So my hope is to include you in this process. By spilling out the guts of the creative force onto the page, I hope to also expose you to many interesting ideas that I hope you find as fascinating as I do.

I don’t know how all this will end. I’ll admit it right now. But isn’t that the best part? This is evolution in the making. The contents of this blog embody the prima materia- the universe’s most valuable asset that can never be owned. So what do you say? Let’s see what the universe is made of without having to scatter its entrails. Let’s see if it’s possible to spin gold from aether.